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Padres fan shows off Petco Park's food to Trevor Hoffman

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The best part about attending a game at Petco Park in my opinion is the food.  I look forward to my dinners there.  It wasn't always that way though.  Prior to 2012, I'd get my ticket stamped, leave the ballpark and eat outside so I wouldn't have to stomach another unappetizing hot dog for $5.  That all changed when Tom Garfinkel and Scott Marshall brought in some of the best food and drink San Diego has to offer - inside the ballpark.  I haven't left since, except for those few times when I crossed the street to get a burrito from Lolita's.

My go to purchases are Hodad's burgers, Broham pulled pork sandwich from Phil's, Cardiff Crack and a pizza slice from Pizza Port.  I've been known to hit Rimel's up on occasion as well.  This season I plan on leaving my comfort zone and expanding my menu further. I'm gonna get fat, son.

The local tourism group released a commercial on YouTube today featuring Trevor Hoffman and a fellow super fan who takes him on a food tour.  I like this super fan's style because of his throwback cap, so does Trevor.  It's a good commercial except for a few cringe worthy exchanges between the two that were probably forced upon them by the director.  At least I hope that's the case.

I'm hungry.