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Baseball leaves a mark in Peoria

Be glad this was the sidewalk and not your car.

Division Series - Chicago Cubs v St Louis Cardinals - Game One Photo by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

Did you ever play with Silly Putty as a kid? I did, and while I didn't know all the cool science stuff about the non-Newtonian fluid, I loved bouncing it and snapping it and stretching it. But more than anything, I loved the way you could press it against newspaper and pull the ink off. Hey, look at that, Snoopy's backwards! So when Jesse Agler posted this photo from Spring Training this morning, Silly Putty was the first thing I thought of.

When a batted ball hits the concrete really hard and leaves a mark. #PadresST

A photo posted by Jesse Agler ⚾️ (@jesseagler) on

Look at that! The bat corner of the MLB logo is a little fuzzy, but in the lower right it's sharp enough to see the ball, and you can make out about a dozen of the stitches. It's extra impressive if you consider that this ball was already covered in a thin layer of rubbing mud. Of course, you should also remember that this ball was probably traveling around 100 miles per hour, so the implicit warning this mark leaves is "don't park your car near here."