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Cap Tournament: Historic Wild Card

Another wild card cap reveals itself in the second matchup of our tournament!

Today was a good day. We beat the Cubs. Beating the Cubs (granted, in Spring Training) makes even a Monday seem not that bad. That, and we have another vaunted cap matchup! Let's dive right in.

Thank you for your votes last match! I think the '98 Alternate threw some of you for a loop (or reminded you of your high school colors, I don't know which). Anyway, here's the result:

Looks like the wild card just couldn't overtake the 6th seeded 2007 Sunday Alternate. It'll move on to match up against either one of our newest caps or Friar Fever's favorite.

For this matchup, we'll turn to the Historic Bracket. Here's how everything turned out after the dust cleared:

Surprised? I am. I honestly thought the '69 Home was a runaway for first, but the '73 Split Panel's better ranking average gave it a first round bye. The difference between the '69 Brown/Gold (2nd) and '91 Navy/White/Orange (3rd) was THIS|CLOSE. Otherwise, there are some excellent matchups across the board here. I hope you're looking forward to them as much as I am.

Here are the caps up for your judgement this round:

1971 Cap - Gold/Brown

The first alternate cap the Padres ever utilized was this interesting cap. Gold takes over the crown in this road cap. While being made up of the classic gold and brown beloved by many Padres fans, this particular combination didn't do well with voters, being ranked rather unceremoniously in 6th place.

And now...the wild card challenger! Here's a real blast from the past:

1948 Cap - Navy/Red

A modern take on a classic PCL Padres design, this particular cap calls back to the days before our Padres were an MLB team and resided in the Pacific Coast League. While the Padres of yore went through several colorway changes (black/white, red/white, black/orange to name a few), the navy/white/red was the colorway referenced in a Turn Back The Clock design worn on-field a few years back. This cap exemplifies what such colorway would look like in the context of a modern cap.

What? I said no TBTC caps? Well, I bent the rules a little bit. I thought it appropriate to see just how a PCL design stacks up against the MLB colorways. Let's see if you folks like it better than the '71 cap!

Just like the last round, it's up to you to vote for the winner! Which cap will move on in this vaunted bracket? Is the gold and brown better than navy and red? Is the simplicity of the navy/red better than the bright gold crown? Weigh in and defend your pick below!

Get your votes in before the poll closes on March 17th @ 8 PM!

Thanks in advance for your vote!