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Happy birthday, Jon Jay!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Wow, Jon Jay looks a lot younger than he is. I was surprised to see that he turns 31 today, but if I had ever stopped to do the math I would have wound up with a number somewhere in that neighborhood. I knew he's been in the majors since 2010 and that he went to college (because he has a "U" at the end of his Twitter handle, like Yonder Alonso and so many others who went to the University of Miami), and when you throw on a few years in the minors, it all adds up. I guess I never thought about it; I just saw his baby face and went on about my life.

I know a lot of fans are instantly resentful toward players who were acquired when one of their favorites got traded away, but I've never understood that mentality and thus have no ill will toward - or unrealistic expectations of - Jon Jay just because the Padres got him when they shipped Jedd Gyorko to St. Louis. Jay seems like a nice guy by all accounts, plus he's as handsome as the day is long, and that never hurts. That, and I always appreciate an athlete who can't grow a thick, full, non-patchy beard; it helps combat my insecurity and embarrassment due to the fact that I can't either. So you guys can have your Grizzly Adams pride; Jon Jay and I will be just fine, looking like we're in our twenties when we're flying our cars to visit our grandkids in college.