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SD 1, SF 8: Friars take a day off

Not much was going in terms of productivity for the Padres' spring outing today. Brandon Maurer had a start that wasn't a total hot mess, but the rest of the rotation was throwing basic BP. Though Cory Mazzoni and Jon Edward each threw a solid inning.

The worse news of the day came off the field, that long-time beat writer Corey Brock will be leaving us in a puddle of our own tears.

The only big highlight of the game for the Padres came from an RBI-single in the sixth from Brett Wallace. Jose Pirela, Yangervis Solarte, and Brett Wallace were the only bats to connect with the ball for the day. Manuel Margot popped in to score the only run.

In the face of doubles and home runs from the Giants, the Friars offense went out with a bit of a whimper.

Let this picture of Andrew Cashner and Yangervis Solarte cheer you up.

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