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MLB writer Corey Brock leaving Padres in favor of return to Northwest

Dex and Corey doing work

Long time MLB beat writer, Corey Brock, is leaving San Diego and will no longer be covering the Padres. He'll still be working for MLB Advanced Media, but his new position will allow him to return to his favorite corner of the country, the Northwest.

Apparently Andy Green just couldn't stand not being the center of attention and spoiled the news this morning during a press conference. I just heard about it now while Corey accompanied Jesse Agler in the radio booth for an inning. Corey has spent the past nine seasons in San Diego and has become a fixture in our fandom.

Corey is one of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet and it saddens me to be losing yet another beloved Padres media person. It was always fun bumping into Corey around the ballpark or at Padres events. Now who will be our friend?  Probably no one.

As a fan the players just aren't as accessible to us in the same way that media members are. They're the ones that we interact with at games and on social media. They're the ones that we grow attached to. That's why it seems to hurt more to lose one of the great ones like Corey Brock.