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Cap Tournament: The Beginning

The first round of Gaslamp Ball's Cap Tournament begins with a wild card matchup!

With Spring Training in full effect, a tournament lines up its challengers to decide the best Padres cap in history.

Welcome to the first Wild Card round!

Thank you all for your participation in Selection Weekend! I hope you had fun lining up your favorite cap picks. You know I had fun compiling all the data! All your votes have been compiled and our tournament is ready to begin!

We'll start with the Modern Bracket. A little hindsight and controversy in this bracket with the exclusion of the '91 home cap (locked in battle over in the Historic Bracket) made this seeding a runaway affair. Check out the results:

As expected, the 2016 Brown/Gold Alternate locked in a first-round bye. What's left after the dust settled are some pretty intriguing matchups. We start today with the unveiling of a new challenger!

Battling the wild card cap is this cap:

2007 Sunday Alternate - Forest Green/Sand

San Diego began honoring its military tradition with a unique cap to match its camouflaged uniforms. The first iteration of the cap was this forest green/sand version. This cap underwhelmed in seeding, being ranked 6th overall. The Padres' first attempt at a Sunday homage cap fell flat with voters.

Facing off against this cap is the first wild card!

1998 Alternate - Navy/White

The cap signaling the end of the navy/white/orange colorway, the first version of the lighter navy/white colorway appeared in 1998 as an alternate cap and became the home cap in 2001. This version of the navy/white colorway featured the older interlocking SD found in the '91 home cap and a white squatchee. This cap found use in different capacities until the revamping of the interlocking SD and overall colorway in 2004 led to its demise.

Let's see if this new challenger can make a run for the second round of the tournament. Of course, it's up to you to decide which cap is better! Place your vote for the winner of the matchup below. Feel free to debate your pick in the comments! Will the first Military Sunday cap overtake the first navy/white cap? Should the 1998 Alternate cap remain a memory that all good colorways must come to an end?

You decide!

Voting will end on Monday, March 14th @ 8PM!

Thanks in advance for your vote! Let's find out which cap is truly the best in Padres history!