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One Padres Social Hour host exits as another enters

The Padres news has been pretty light as of late so news of a Padres Social Hour host swap gets me pretty worked up.   Jesse Agler tweeted his intention to host his last show today at noon before he replaces Bob Scanlan (crying emoji) as Ted Leitner's play-by-play partner.   He announced the big reveal of his replacement host would happen when the show aired at 7pm.  Well I sure as shit wasn't going to wait that long.

Fortunately our beloved Jodes0405 was jodes'ing downtown and volunteered to watch as they taped the episode in the Padres Store and spoil the planned announcement.  The favorite for the new position was definitely sometime fill-in host Mike Grace, who knows Padres past and present as well as anybody, but I knew better.  I knew that CMO Wayne Partello's east coast bias would win out and he'd pick some random dude who has no known history of ever acknowledging the Padres as a Major League Baseball team.  But to Wayne's credit that's basically what he did with Agler and things worked out for the most part.  I just can't help but think that a local hire of any of the seemingly millions of co-hosts could have been just as good.  Oh well.

So I forgot to mention that the new host is Mike Janela.  Yes, that Mike Janela.  I don't know him either, but instead of digging into his past like other bloggers and finding pictures of him rooting for the Mets I'm going to try and give him a fair shake by only watching his Padres content.  Until that days comes I'm going to give him a weird look out of the corner of my eye to keep him honest.  Welcome!