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Tony Gwynn Museum to be built at AleSmith Brewery

Al Bello/Getty Images

AleSmith Brewing Company is working in cooperation with the Tony and Alicia Gwynn foundation to create the Tony Gwynn Museum at their brewery in Miramar.  Shortly before Gwynn's passing, he helped create his own brew with AleSmith called .394 Pale Ale named after his highest batting average.  The connection between the family and the brewery has remained tight since then.

The museum will be home to more than 300 pieces of memorabilia that promises to blow us away.

Tony Gwynn tribute on tap at AleSmith |

"People are going to be blown away by the level of memorabilia Alicia is making available to us," Peter Zien said.

Today Alesmith announced that the Museum is officially under construction and will be completed by the All-Star Game.  The family and brewery are hoping that fans will support their effort through online crowdfunding.  They'll also be selling commemorative bricks.

TAG Foundation Launches Fundraiser Campaign To Construct The "Tony Gwynn Museum" - BeerAlien

A special Museum Christening Event will take place, Friday, February 19, from 4 to 10 p.m. at AleSmith’s tasting room. The event is free and will feature speeches from Alicia Gwynn and Tony Gwynn, Jr., special Tony Gwynn memorabilia, special-edition AleSmith beers, food from the Gwynn Gourmet truck and more.

Wow!  A six hour christening!  I wonder if that was meant to read 9 to 10 pm?  Hard to say.  I'm not much of a drinker so I haven't had the opportunity to visit the establishment, but this may be a good reason to drop in.  I like the .394 more that most beers and could see myself sipping on one within the next few weeks.

We can expect to see lots of Gwynn memorabilia this year in the new Padres Hall of Fame Museum, the Casino Pub named after Gwynn and this Gwynn Museum.  It's never a bad time to be a Gwynn fan.