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The 7th and 8th Days of Spring Training

Find out what the Padres have been doing in Arizona the past two days.

Everybody's in Peoria, and Spring Training warm ups are in full-swing. Here's what has been going on:

Day 7

  • The entire squad showed up, and started running warm up drills as a full club.
  • Randy Jones fell into a staring contest, but also provided some fielding practice for some fellow pitchers.
  • Andy Green talked all about culture for the new 2016 Friars club. Green had a full speech prepared.

  • Newly acquired Alexei Ramirez showed off exactly why the Padres signed him this offseason.

  • Mike Dee and Peter Seidler talked a bunch about how 2016 is going to be exciting, and that 2015 was so last year.

Day 8

  • Andy Green sprinkled out some information about what he has learned thus far as manager.
  • Carlos Asuaje, acquired from the Kimbrel trade, practiced bunting balls into a bucket.
  • The Friars mostly ran more full squad warm-ups, ran around, executed drills, and slapped butts.
  • This lucky kid was gifted a signed bat from Matt Kemp and his new haircut:

You can also check out some fresh Spring Training video straight from the Pads:

Batting practiceDouble playsInfield work

In case you already weren't itching to drive to Arizona to start peeping on everything.