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Centerfield renovation at Petco Park is underway

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Back in December, the Padres announced that they'd be ripping out the beach and "beacher seats" in right-center field and be building a pier themed standing area to accommodate 600 fans.  It'd be a cool place to see the game, but it's probably sold as group tickets and going to be insanely expensive so unfortunately I may not be spending much time there.  I do, however, think the park needs more standing room only areas, where you can view the field.  Those of us with back problems and short spans of attention have trouble sitting for 3 hour games.

The construction started this month and you can see how the beach has already been bulldozed and the new area is starting to take shape.

The field has also been cleared of all the dirt piles that made up the truck and motorcycle jumps.  The retired numbers are also still in place and it's still not too late for the Padres to come to their senses and save them.

Before too long the field will have new grass on it and then a short time later concert stages on top of that.  Ah, Petco Park, a ballpark to call our own.