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Padres Spring Training: Day 6

Everybody joined the party in Arizona today.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Position players, pitchers, and catchers alike all linked up today in Peoria to start running drills, fill up batting cages, and get those joints moving and muscles stretching.

Familiar faces like Cory Spangenberg, Derek Norris, Wil Myers, and Colin Rae speckled the Padres' Twitter, doing their thing and running through a few BP sessions. One-year signee Carlos Villanueva was spotted, and took the time to mention how Trevor Hoffman "changed his career", doing his best to make Hoff blush with his adorning compliments.

Myers was taking his BP, keeping himself fresh for an expected return to first base in the 2016 season. Really anything to keep his bat in the lineup.

Wil Myers wasting no time making bats bend #PadresST

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Also, in case you missed it, the Pads put out a new 360 video giving you an awesome perspective into a little bullpen session. Try to see who you can spot from this angle.

All in all a pretty bare-bones day of stretching the legs and shaking off the rust. Andy Green took some time to speak about team leadership, or ownership, of this new squad filled with players that were just last year considered "new". Leadership is key for Green's 2016.

Brandon Maurer also spoke a bit about his spot in this new shifted bullpen, expressing what has been apparent since the off season on how things are still in-the-mix.