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Spring Training Recap: Media Day!

Preller makes a minor move, Myers is ready, and Norris has a sweet tooth.

Derek Norris has it in for these guys.
Derek Norris has it in for these guys.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Today was Cactus League Media Day, so you probably saw a bunch of cliches floating around mixed in with the occasional interesting bit of news or fun player story. The biggest news out of the Padres today? They added more minor league depth in Cuban pitcher Elier Sanchez.

Wil Myers didn't say he's in the best shape of his life, but he's "very prepared" to be the starting first baseman. Which is not to say he won't see any time in the outfield.

As long as he's not patrolling center field. We know how well that worked. And if all this exercise has you feeling inadequate, you should know that Derek Norris doesn't shy away from embracing his inner fat kid.

I've never felt closer to a baseball player than I do right now. Though I'd toss those crushed up Oreos onto some ice cream, maybe add some hot fudge... what? Opening Day is still more than a month away, and I'm weak.