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New Padres pitcher was on an episode of Mythbusters

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

When I saw that the Padres signed pitcher Greg Reynolds to a minor league deal, the first thing I thought was, "Hey, isn't that the guy who was on Mythbusters that one time?" I looked it up, and sure enough, he was. I think seeing someone mention that he was the second player selected in the 2006 amateur draft was what prompted that memory for me, because I discovered that about him the last time I looked up information about him... which was when I saw him on Mythbusters. Minds are weird.

Reynolds was on the first segment of the 2013 episode "Battle of the Sexes: Round 2", in which Adam and Jamie set out to test the myth that men are better at throwing than women are, and if they are, whether it's a product of nature or rather nurture. Reynolds was brought in as the control subject, to which the pitching form of others would be compared. I'm not going to spoil the results here; instead I'll embed the first clip of the segment, in which Reynolds appears. It will automatically play the following two corresponding clips, should you be interested in how it turns out.