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If Padres FanFest Is Two Days, Why Should We Go At All?

What will become of our yearly tradition?

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Earlier today, I opened up my Twitter to see the news about Padres Fanfest and reacted like I'm prone to.

Yeah, I'm a little quick to jump on the CAPS LOCK from time to time. But, soon after, I started to think about this impending two day FanFest. Of course, being the kind of person to tweet whatever I'm thinking or watching to anyone who follows me on Twitter, I started tweeting about this FanFest instead of writing it all down here. So, bear with me, Gaslamp Ball. There's about to be a bunch of tweets coming your way. And if you follow me already, it'll be for the second time.

"Why go?"

For me, these are words I didn't think I'd find myself saying about something Padres related. Especially when it comes to FanFest. I've gone to the last five and met new people from Gaslamp Ball or other places each time.

I love FanFest.

It's the beginning of something new.

It's the first time I step foot into Petco Park every single year.

I look at the field.

Walk through the stadium.

Look at Tony's statue.

But, this year....why go?

Like I said after that long Twitter monologue, I hope I'm wrong. I really do. I want them to prove me wrong. Read this article and say "NOOOO, that's totally not what's going to happen, man!"

Will they?

I don't know.

Splitting up a day-long activity into two days doesn't give me that confidence. A few FanFests ago, I think they had things going on from 9am until about 4pm. Last year, it was cut down to 1pm to give us a free game.  This year, we don't know the hours. We probably won't even know until about a week before.

That's because of the games.

The games are what matter in a two day FanFest. Even if both days are three hours of FanFest, it's the game that will be at the forefront. Which is why it'll all come down to what they do with those games.

If those games cost season money, why even call it FanFest? Just call it Fiesta in the Park.

Baseball Night In San Diego.

Like I said in my tweets, if they charge us for games, that's fair. They're holding two games before the season begins with FanFest attached. Obviously if they're free, it'll be a big win for everyone. However, if those games become something pricey, families will just wait a week. Go to a real game that actually counts. Last year, they brought their family downtown, met the new Padres, and caught up with old friends. I hope this year doesn't change all that. I really don't want to look at my calendar in mid-March and have to ask myself  "why go?"