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Padres announce their FanFest

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This time of year baseball fans are clamoring for their team's FanFest.  In years past, shortly after February began we could expect to head down to Petco Park and partake in baseball fandom foreplay.  The Padres however changed their usual schedule last year and moved their FanFest to just a few days before Opening Day, which kinda sorta defeats the purpose of staving off our collective baseball hunger.  Now it's just a really late appetizer for a much more delicious meal.

The reason for the change is because Petco Park is being used for events like Supercross and that pays for the field to be redone in the Spring.  There's money to be made and fans to let down!  The field also won't be accessible since a game will be played shortly after, but in reality haven't we all grown a little tired of all that field access?

We just have to get used to this new schedule, I don't know what else to tell you.  Just don't over do it at FanFest, make sure to save room for the main course!

Me I'm looking forward to the two day event. Less crowds means more fun!