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Padres Chairman Ron Fowler likes the underdog role for the team

I'm just catching up watching and listening to Padres related interviews from earlier in the week. Here's one with Ron Fowler.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Marty Caswell from the Darren Smith Show interviewed Padres Chairman Ron Fowler.

  • "This year I'm more into it.  I like the role of an underdog.  Last year there was so much hype about how good we were going to be.  I frankly like this team more.  I think there are going to be a lot of guys who are committed to trying hard.  I like the energy."
  • "I'm an old guy but I like the young guys.  I like the passion, the energy."
  • Fowler thought that last year they had better pitching than they did.  He thinks the team ERA will go down and that the team will be able to score as many runs as last year.
  • "I've stopped making predictions.  I expect us to work hard in every game.  Play hard. Run for balls in the alley.  Get the uniforms dirty and have fun playing baseball."
  • Preller has lots of opportunities but he's taken his time. "I think he's done some of the things he needs to do.  I like some of the trades for younger players.  I know we're going to be more aggressive in Rule 4 this year, obviously we have some draft choices for a change and I think we are going to be aggressive in some other areas."
  • Fowler talked to Chargers owner Dean Spanos.  Fowler is very supportive of keeping the Chargers in San Diego. 
  • Fowler expects Wil Myers to have a good year.  He hopes that more than one Padre will be represented in the All-Star Game.