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Preparing myself for Padres retired numbers to be moved and replaced with advertisements

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Dee and the Padres will tell you that the fans wanted the iconic retired numbers moved.  It's just not true, it's about money.  It's always about money.  I can all but guarantee you that the real reason the numbers are being moved is so Dee can sell the highly visible area above the batter's eye as advertisement space.

Think about it, what other reason could there be?  Just wait and see, there will be a huge corporate sign there by Opening Day.  For a guy insisting that the team is now going to appreciate their history he has no problem knocking Padres icons from their perch to sell out to a sponsor.  Should we expect any less, when he attempted to name the Hall of Fame after Bud Selig?

­-- will be removed from the top of the batter's eye and be placed in a more prominent location on the upper deck facade behind home plate.

If painting on the upper deck facade was really more prominent then that's where the advertisements would go and there would be no reason at all to move the numbers.  The Padres have installed some real eyesores in the past, from the giant golf club, to the paint can, to the National University sign, but they've never before done it with such disregard for team history.  It makes me mad.

My other more conspiratorial theory is that Dee plans to put seats on top of the batter's eye like they did with the Green Monster in Boston.  He takes all of his cues from Boston.  Either way it's a money grab and an insult to fans and the Padres legends who earned the prominent location instead of buying it.