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QUIZ: Name the 59 players on the Padres' 2016 Spring Training Roster in 8 minutes!

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

You know it's unofficially Spring when the Gaslamp Ball Padres Spring Training Roster Quiz shows up on the front page and pitchers and catchers report for duty.  You can set your time piece by it as long as you don't depend on it being correctly set.

Ah Spring, warm weather, freshly cut grass, baby animals and over-sized unmanageable rosters with players you've never heard of.  Relative unknown manager, Andy Green, is hopelessly idealistic at this point.  He has 59 players in camp for his first year at the helm.  With any luck he'll find 25 of them that will love and accept him like the entirety of the San Diego media.

This quiz will work just like in years past, you'll have 8 minutes to name all 59 players invited to Padres camp.  You need only type the player's last name for the answer to be counted correctly, so don't waste time typing first names.

Also, I encourage you to discuss your answers in the comments, but please use the spoiler button to hide player's names.  When you're done vote in the poll at the bottom of the page.