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Padres Town Hall brings little information to fanbase

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I watched the Padres Town Hall last night on Fox Sports San Diego.  I should really just not watch anymore because these things take away my enjoyment of my beloved Padres.  The show started with Fox Sports Host Mike Pomeranz interviewing Chairman Ron Fowler and CEO Mike Dee.  I've not heard such arrogant confident Padres leadership since the days of Sandy Alderson, and his ego was out of control.  They really think they are a championship organization, which I guess is good except for the 74 wins last season.  Fowler came across blunt and disconnected, while Dee brought his usual used car/politician style.  With Pomeranz doing his Game Show Host bit, it was tough to watch.

He says that like it's a good thing, but that might just be the problem.

But at what cost, Ron?

I tuned in about 8 minutes late.  Dee was just explaining why he chose to tear down the iconic retired Padres numbers on top of the batter's eye in favor of painting them and the player's name on the facade so that it would look like other ballparks around the country.  He said its what the fans wanted.  Oh okay.

His decisions continue to infuriate me.

I'm kind of hoping that he's just here for the All-Star Game and he uses his success to catapult himself into another job on the east coast soon after.  He's my least favorite Padre executive ever.

Oh also, Dee says all former Padres are welcome back because the team celebrates Padres history (when they aren't actively tearing it down).  No mention of Tim Flannery or his Twitter tirade against ownership and fans.  Not sure if he's welcome back when he says he wasn't even invited to last year's Hall of Fame inductions.  However Steve Finley is now working in the front office.

There was some more All-Star talk about players walking into the ballpark from their hotels on a red carpet, which sent Pomeranz into a tizzy that he could do his best Mario Lopez impersonation.

Up next was the green manager Andy Green and Rockstar GM A.J. Preller.

Preller made a comment early on that he wished Matt Kemp hadn't given him the moniker #RockstarGM.

You and me both A.J. but think of the t-shirt sales!

There wasn't much substance during this part either.  Green has been flying around the country having dinner with player's families.  He says all the players will have to earn their positions.  Run of the mill stuff.  We'll see if any of this pays off during the season.

Pomeranz and the studio audience lobbed some softballs to the guests and they hit weak grounders.

Not much was learned.

As the LIVE show ended, the guests were shown walking out of the studio and then we cut back to them sitting in their seats.  It was quite the production.