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MLB makes helmet visor available to pitchers

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It's strange to think that the MLB and MLBPA spent a significant sum of money to basically make a batting helmet with it's top cut off.  Maybe just wear a batting helmet?  Are visors cooler than helmets?  Should I be wearing a visor?

A helmet might look less goofy since players and fans are already used to the look on batters.  Most players aren't going to wear this head equipment until it looks cool or is mandatory anyway.

MLB, players' association work together to develop more protective pitching hat

"I'm definitely one of the guilty ones," said Manship. "I want to have it look right, which sounds terrible when you're talking about safety, but that's how it is."

Plus this helmet does nothing to protect the face. If I'm an MLB player I'm mostly concerned with my face, since all of them are so pretty.

Five MLB pitchers were struck in the head by line drives last year, four of them in the face.

The other option as suggested in the article is to use a softer ball, like they do in low level little league.