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Tim Flannery lets San Diego have it

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Let me preface this by saying that I love Tim Flannery, as a Padres player, Padres coach, Padres broadcaster and a person.  I'm sort of indifferent to him as a musician and annoyed by him as a Giant.  I respect the hell out of him though.  I wanted Bruce Bochy and him to stay.  It was Sandy Alderson that sent them packing, not the fans.  I'm sure that there was an element that wanted Bochy fired, but around these parts we wanted him to be mayor.

He let San Diego fans (trolls) have it on Twitter tonight:

flan meltdown

I honestly think he's taking some of this the wrong way.  We want him to come back because he's a Padres legend and a winner, not to shame him or because he owes us anything.  He gave it all he had when he was here.  As fans we have no control over winning or losing the season (or offseason) or giving away young studs, etc.  That's on Padres leadership 100%, whether it be success or failure.  It hasn't worked for them so far, so I think Flan has a point.  Be angry at them if you must, and the trolls too.  If we as fans get over excited about last offseason you'll have to forgive us for wanting to be excited about something, anything.  Turns out the team sucked but we can't be perpetually dour.

I'm not sure which fans are shaming Flan.  That part doesn't make sense to me.  It does make me sad though that he and Boch are now Giants for life because so much of their history was in San Diego when I was growing up. They were forced away, but again not by us.

If Flan wants San Diegans and Padres fans to leave him alone, well he certainly has that right.  I think if anything though people want only for him to acknowledge the good times when he was here too, I certainly have fond memories.  I understand Flan's anger though.  It reminds me so much of a scene from Cool Hand Luke, when he's recaptured after his second escape and his cell mates turn on him for not living up to their imaginary standards.

He's probably right though, which is why I love him still.


Flan explains more about his reasoning, doesn't just come out and say it.  He's upset that he booted from the Padres organization by Sandy Alderson and then told by current leadership that they weren't interested in him as a manager.

flan meltdown 2