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Padres make a fantastic move by hiring Annie Heilbrunn

This is great news for the Padres, and Padres fans!

Annie Heilbrunn has been one of the most prominent voices and well-known faces in San Diego sports media for years. Today she announced that the Padres have [finally] hired her in an official capacity, which is long overdue but very well-deserved.

If you've watched/read/listened to any of Annie's work in the past (and if you're a Padres fan, there's no way you haven't), you're sure to be ecstatic about this news. I think Annie has to be one of the most universally liked sports journalists in San Diego. If you don't believe that, just do a quick Twitter search of "Annie Heilbrunn" right now and try to find a single negative response. I doubt you will.

As mentioned in her tweet, as well as in this tweet by Wayne Partello, Annie's role with the Padres is content producer, which is what she's been doing forever and how she's made herself one of the leading media personalities in San Diego. She's worked for NBC, Fox Sports San Diego, and the San Diego Union-Tribune* doing print, radio, TV, web - you name it, Annie's probably excelled at it. This is for real the best move the Padres made all offseason, and I couldn't be more excited to see what she has in store for us. Now the Padres just need to find a new home for Bob Scanlan...

*Back in the day she even worked on MTV's Total Request Live interviewing celebrities on the show. Thankfully she came back to San Diego after that and we've been able to enjoy her work here ever since.