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1998 Padres reunion takes place at Greg Vaughn’s Golf tournament

Greg Vaughn

Greg Vaughn hosted his first celebrity golf tournament to benefit the fight against juvenile diabetes back on November 14th. Vaughn’s son, a baseball player, has type-1 diabetes. The list of celebrities on Vaughn’s website neglected to mention his 1998 Padre teammates, but I guess they were there as evidenced by his tweet yesterday. Unless they weren’t there and this game of golf had nothing to do with his tournament. Which now that I think about makes more sense since he said he saw them “today” meaning yesterday. Or maybe this tweet was stuck in his drafts for a month and he just freed it. We may never know.

From left to right, we’ve got Mark Langston, Bruce Bochy, some dude, Greg Vaughn, Andy Ashby, Wally Joyner and some other dude. Who’s the guy on the far right? Is that Greg Myers? I can’t tell. Are we sure he’s a Padre? If we don’t recognize them, can we really be sure we’re Padres fans?