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Padres sign Brett Wallace and others to minor league deals

MLB: Chicago Cubs at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres aren’t quite packing the presents under our tree this Christmas Eve but we are getting gifts in the form of minor leaguers. Today they re-gifted us with Brett Wallace who elected free agency in November after the Padres cut him loose. Wallace is a guy that showed some raw power here and there but was crazy inconsistent, especially in 2016. He’s not a bad guy to have coming off the bench if you’re a tanking club looking to lose some games, I suppose. The other guys acquired are stocking stuffers.

Oh, so get this, John Moores is looking to buy another sports team with all his riches. Barry Bloom thinks this article misrepresented Moores’ time in San Diego, but it seems like it fairly shows both sides of the coin pretty well. Moores had some good years with the Padres in his first decade of ownership, I’ll give him that. However, he was a total absentee owner after the ballpark was built, which maybe wasn’t such a bad thing considering who took over for him.