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Three more Alexi Amarista baseball cards that don't exist (but should)

Over three and a half years ago I mocked up five baseball cards of Alexi Amarista since none had been issued of him yet in the year he'd been with the Padres. Since then, Topps has issued several cards of him, but of course not as many as I would have liked. Now that Amarista has been non-tendered and we've likely seen his last baseball card appearance as a Friar, I thought I'd put together a few more. Like before, I based each one on a pre-existing card design.

1989 Upper Deck

The first Upper Deck set was a must-have that took the world by storm. Their Griffey rookie card has taken iconic status. I was going to use it for the comparison pic, but as soon as I saw this Cecil Fielder card I knew which picture of Alexi I needed to use for this card.

1992 Leaf Black Gold

1992 Leaf Black Gold Alexi Amarista

This is 1992 Leaf's one-per-pack parallel. I chose it, like the others, because of its simplicity and ease to replicate with good ol' MS Paint.

1994 Score

1994 Score Alexi Amarista

Score's restrained 1994 set was a far cry from their garish origins. It's a good look that has aged well.

Now that Amarista has moved along, I suppose I should too. Maybe next I'll throw together a few cards of Christian Bethancourt, but depict and list him at a different position on each one.