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Quiz: Padres named Chris

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

There have been 17 players named Chris who have suited up for the Padres over the years, and Christmastime seems like the only appropriate time to make a quiz about such a thing, so here we are. That total doesn't include Christian Bethancourt or Christian Friedrich, but if one of them goes the way of BJ/ Melvin Upton or Bobby/ Roberto Kelly and announces that he wants to be called Chris, I'll be sure to go back and edit him in.

You have three minutes to type as many Chrises you can recall. Last names are all that are needed, as it would get tedious typing "Chris" 17 times in a row. Trust me, the guy who just did that.

Once you're done, the routine continues the same as always. There's a poll down there in which to log your score, and when you comment be sure to use the spoiler bar feature over relevant names.