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Would you like to play a game?

Using current roster candidates, give your thoughts on who goes where in your Padres roster.

'FilmStruck' Launch Event Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Turner

I’m sure that at some point, you’ve heard of a game people play called “Marry, F#@%, Kill”, where a person is given three names and they choose a fate for each of the three in their imaginary world. Well I’m introducing a new game, with a similar gameplay, only contextualized to baseball! Let’s call it:

“Start, Bench, Cut”

I’ll name off three players of similar roles, and you choose which goes into your starting lineup, which can ride the pine, and which gets sent packing. Let’s not muddle this down with contract status and other nitpicky concerns. If you were manager, which player would go where? It’s that simple. Please post your choices and any thoughts in the comment thread. Pick one position or some or all of them. Or tell me that I’m a silly man for making a silly game about grown men who play a game for a living.