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Phil Nevin hired as Bochy's third base coach

Rockies v Padres Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

We’d heard the rumors last week that Phil Nevin was going to be hired as one of the Giants’ coaches, but would it be first base or third base? Nevin played both positions (among others) in his time with the Padres, but which would he coach? The Giants announced today that it’d be the hot corner that Tim Flannery left open a few season’s back. Bochy needs former Padres in that position apparently. Nevin seems like the type that will stay in the 3B coaching box and not run home with the base runner like Flannery, so I’m good with this hire.

Since Nevin retired in 2006 he’s been building his managing resume. If memory serves, he’s coached and managed in the Detroit organization and most recently with the Diamondbacks AAA affiliate.

Back in 2002 Bochy praised Nevin’s game knowledge and thought he’d make a good manager someday.

“Let me tell you,” said Padres manager Bruce Bochy, “Nevin knows the game. He loves the game. He knows the league, the players. When I talk to him and listen to his comments, you can tell he’s got a great feel for the game.

“I think he’d be a great manager.”

Then Bochy couldn’t resist putting tongue in cheek.

“I don’t know how many games he’d stay in,” he added.

As a fan, I just couldn’t imagine the hot-headed, angry player that popped out to third being a coach, but it takes all kinds. I sat behind Nevin and his sons a few years ago at Petco Park, and I would have said hi except that he still scares me.

Nevin is excited to be reunited with Boch.

SF Chronicle:

"The relationship I had with Boch is special. My years in San Diego, there are a heck of a lot of adjectives I could use. Somebody asked me if I was all right with him yelling at me. Well, he yelled at me many times before. It won't be the first time."