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Bud Black hired as new Rockies manager

MLB: Houston Astros at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Bud Black was fired by the Padres on June 15, 2015. He lead his A.J. Preller built squad to a 32-33 record and that just wasn’t good enough for Ron Fowler, Mike Dee and A.J. Preller. It was only after Black was gone did we find out just how bad of a team Preller and company had assembled. It was then that you could look back and think, maybe just maybe, Black was the fiber keeping that crap team together.

Black was the scapegoat for 2015 for sure and for certain. While you could point to overall losing record with the Padres and the lack of playoff appearances there was no doubt that he was a “player’s manager”, the team liked and respected him. Except for maybe James Shields who was visibly upset that he was pulled from the game the day before Black was fired.

The next season Black was reportedly offered the Washington Nationals manager job and turned it down because he’s not about being low balled. Even though the team was playoff quality, Black couldn’t accept a one year, $1.6M contract. The Nats hired Dusty Baker instead.

In the meantime Black has been working in a front office role with the Angels, just waiting, champing at the bit for his next chance to manage.

In the wee hours of last night, we learned from Ken Rosenthal among others that the Rockies intend to announce Bud Black’s hiring today.

For his part, Black is well aware of the new challenges that he faces with the Rockies:

“This is a tough place, a fun place and a not-so-fun place to play all wrapped into one. No lead feels safe,” Black said about Coors Field during his last season with the Padres. “And no lead feels insurmountable when you are trying to attack. You always feel good about your ability to come back.”

Now the NL West is full of former Padres managers. Bochy with the Giants, Roberts with the Dodgers, obviously Green with the Pads and now Black with the Rockies. Now the Diamondbacks just need to get on board and hire Pat Murphy.

And now it’s official: