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Quiz: Padres A-Z by bWAR

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Today's quiz was the idea of Gaslamp Ball's very own Wonko. I was having a hard time thinking of what to make a quiz about, so I put up the Bat-Signal and he responded.

I went with WAR because it would allow for a mix of pitchers and hitters, and I used the Baseball Reference iteration of WAR because I'm always there anyway and the Play Index makes everything fairly easy to find. Like most other quizzes here, you don't have to enter your responses in any particular order, and only last names are needed. I put five minutes on the clock, and that works out to 12 seconds per answer, which is a lot more time than it sounds like. The leftover seconds will add up to minutes left for guessing on ones you don't know immediately.

As always, there's a poll below in which to log your score, and please use the spoiler bar feature over any answers in your comments.