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Padres and Mike Dee release joint statement

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres and former President Mike Dee released a joint statement today. They say that he and the Padres have “amicably parted ways”. I guess it was about as amicable as possible after the Padres owners blindsided him with the news and basically told him to get out.

Dee spoke for the first time after his forced departure over a month ago. He basically said he wished the owners and the organization well. Yeah, I bet he does.

So why the media advisory today? First they probably think that the news won’t gather any traction the day before Thanksgiving, second it likely means that the two entities have reached some sort of settlement. Dee supposedly signed a 5 year deal and he has another couple years left on it.

There are rumors that Dee did something that might have voided the remainder of his contract. Instead of taking it to court and airing all of his dirty laundry, the two probably decided it was better to each take a bit of a loss and be done with it.

I’m still eager to hear what exactly it was that instantly flipped ownership’s once heart eyes emoji opinion of him.


There has been speculation that a business-related matter prompted Padres ownership to sever ties with its top executive.

I am stunned that it hasn’t leaked yet. I’m not sure how that’s possible in today’s day and age.