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Reaction to Padres uniform unveil is not good

San Diego Padres v Atlanta Braves Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Padres have the most boring uniforms in baseball. What makes this factual statement worse is that if they came to their senses and returned to their true brown and gold colors and style, they would surely be wearing the very best.

Remember back in 2015 when Padres fan John Brubaker created a modern mock-up of the brown and gold uniforms? It went viral, in a good way. The Padres in all of their arrogance obviously ignored the fan excitement and thought their boring gray and white uniforms only needed some light tweaking. Today they unveiled these “new” uniforms and they went viral, in a bad way. The changes were so dull. The Padres blew it.

I created my first Twitter moment to mark the occasion. Have a look at some of the reactions:

How have the Padres responded to the nearly universal displeasure:


The Padres did not have a comment on the uniform changes Tuesday.

Not even a dismissive condescending “We appreciate your passion”?

What were the Padres thinking? They know that brown and gold uniforms are fan favorites, there’s no more denying it. They saw how fans went crazy for the stylized Padres home run derby uniforms at the All-Star Game. Yet they refuse to give us what we want, because they hate us. There can be no other reason.

Haven’t fans suffered enough, we know we have to sit through another 3-5 years of watching turd teams play baseball, but they can’t at least dress them up a bit? If they can’t get these easy decisions right, good luck making the right baseball decisions.

Whoever is responsible for these uniforms really screwed the fan base and has proven that they’re not up for the job. They’re completely tone deaf and have no sense of what is best for the team.