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Padres Reveal 2017 Uniforms

The Navy/White is...back.

Guess who’s back?

In a bit of a departure from last year’s uniform reveal, the Padres took to Twitter today to reveal their highly anticipated (for me, anyway) uniform set.

Have a look for yourself:

A couple quick notes:

  • Navy/White is back. The yellow makes an unfortunate departure as a one-year wonder and the Padres primary colorway is back to navy/white. The Padres wordmark from the Friday brown uniform will now be featured on the home uniform set.
New look.
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  • Speaking of everyone’s favorite color, brown is back for Friday home games. It’s presumed that the Padres will wear the same cap and jersey set as of this writing.
  • Also coming way back are Wayback Wednesdays, though it remains to be seen if the Padres will continue to wear their 90s era uniform set or something different.
  • The bowtie road SanDiegO is back as well, being utilized on the road gray set.
  • The Padres mentioned they were going to swap the usage of navy/marine camouflage uniforms last year. It looks like both will still be in use, though which one will get more wear is a mystery.

So what do you think? A step in the right direction or a loss of a great third color? I look forward to the discussion!