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Three former Padres born this day

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

They don't draw much interest or attention from anybody else, but I absolutely love writing birthday posts. It's an easy prompt for me to learn everything I can about a certain player that day, and there are few things I enjoy doing more than learning about baseball. After several years of blogging about the Padres here, it's a well I've returned to time and time again. I can't count the times I've started to write about someone on his birthday, opened a tab next to his Baseball Reference page, Googled his name, and found something I'd written about him a couple years earlier. Today is similar, although I recalled writing in previous Novembers about Dan Briggs, Craig Stimac, and Gary Sheffield without needing my memory jogged by search engine results.

Dan Briggs is the both the oldest of the three and the first to play for the Padres, which he did in 1979 between stints with Cleveland and Montreal.

Craig Stimac played for the Padres in parts of 1980 and '81, but went on to be a legend overseas.

This led to my favorite comment in Gaslamp Ball history, which made my list of my 11 favorite moments from the first 11 years of Gaslamp Ball.

craig stimac comment

Okay, maybe it's my second favorite comment in Gaslamp Ball history.

The best-known of the three, Gary Sheffield turns 48 today. He played for the Padres in 1992, when he led the National League in batting average and chased the Triple Crown most of the season, and part of '93, when he was traded to the Marlins for Trevor Hoffman and others as part of the infamous fire sale.

Well, since I've already written about these guys before, I guess I'll go over to Twinkie Town and write about Ron Coomer turning 50. Did you remember that he was an All-Star in 1999? Me neither! See, learning is fun.