How Padres’ failed experiment spawned Mets, Cubs clashing evolutions

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Here's an interesting article from the NY Post about how Hoyer's experience shadows his vision on building a team. Young pitchers are hit and miss, mostly miss. A young staff worked out well for Alderson's Mets one year and not so much the next. This makes me somewhat less excited about all the young arms the Padres recently acquired/drafted.

Hoyer said.

"At some level, having really good young position players, there’s a certainty level that you just don’t have with young pitchers, by definition. They get hurt. … That was definitely something that was eye-opening to me, as those guys started to break down."

"And you go back and look," Hoyer continued. "Luebke had multiple Tommy Johns and never reached that ceiling. Wieland had Tommy John. Casey Kelly had Tommy John. Mat’s best year was 2010. To a certain extent, yeah, at that time, all of those guys were really well-regarded pitchers in the big leagues or prospects. And they all broke down."

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