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Colin Rea had Tommy John surgery

MLB: New York Yankees at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a lot of back story to Colin Rea’s injury but I’ll give it to you in quick synopsis. Colin Rea was traded to the Marlins in late July. He was 44 pitches into his first start when he felt the arm discomfort that usually precedes Tommy John surgery. Rea was returned to the Padres due to the Padres’ deceitful handling of player medical records that eventually led to the 30 game suspension of GM A.J. Preller. It was then decided that Rea wouldn’t immediately go under the knife, first he’d attempt a PRP injection. After the injection he took a month off and then recently resumed throwing, which brings us to the news of today, well yesterday.

Dennis Lin of the Union-Tribune tweeted that Rea had Tommy John surgery on Thursday.

Jeff Sanders of the Union-Tribune reports that surgeon, Dr. Andrews, thought the PRP injection was worth the risk of a setback since there are no plans for Rea to play again until at least 2018.

“(Andrews) even said Tommy John wasn’t the ‘cure-all’ so you might as well give this a try – especially where we’re at in the season,” Rea said in August.

With the surgery done, now we hope for the best for Rea’s career, looking forward to a time he can pitch again, all the while being super bummed.