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Quiz: Padres pitchers with 15-loss seasons

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

For the first year since 2013, the Padres' pitching staff did not have a single 15-game loser. Of course I suppose James Shields deserves an honorable mention since he finished 2016 with a 6-19 record, but only seven of those losses were with the Padres. I made this quiz back in 2013, but it was due for an update thanks to three guys who joined the club in 2014 and '15.

I've provided the year or years each pitcher lost 15 games, arranged from first to most recent. There are four minutes on the clock, which allows for slightly more than five answers a minute. As usual, last names are all that are asked of you.

After you have finished, don't forget to log your score in the poll below. Then head down to the comments section to discuss your results and so forth, but be sure to please use spoiler bars over relevant players' names.