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Quiz: Padres with 30 doubles in a season

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Wil Myers' quest for a 30/30/30 season fell just short on all counts, as he finished with 28 homers, 28 steals, and 29 doubles. He'll have to wait until next season to become the thirty-fourth Padres player to hit 30 doubles in a year. Those 33 players put up 59 such seasons; I've arranged their names in the quiz below from the one obvious answer with the most, down to the most recent one-timers.

There are five minutes on the clock, and as usual, all that is needed is last names. Along with the number of seasons each player hit 30 doubles, I've also provided the specific season(s) or range of seasons, which might prove helpful after you've filled in all the ones you know automatically.

Once you're through, don't forget to log your results in the poll below, and please respectfully use spoiler bars over any names in your comments. Good luck!