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Quiz: Padres with postseason home runs

David Taylor/Getty Images

In their 48 years of existence the Padres have played 34 postseason games in eight series in five years. In that time they have 25 home runs hit by 15 different players; they are who this quiz asks you to identify. You might notice that nobody from the 2006 team is listed. This isn't an oversight; they were held homerless in all four games against the Cardinals that October.

You have three minutes to name as many of the fifteen that you can recall. To help jog your memory, they're listed in chronological order, with individual series and number of home runs listed. Last names are all that are required, and once you've gotten the ones you know automatically there should be plenty of time left over to rack your brains for the others or just guess.

Once your time is up, please log your score in the poll below, and - as always - use the spoiler bar feature over relevant names in your comments.