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Quiz: Gold Glove Padres

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday MLB announced the Gold Glove Finalists, and Wil Myers made the cut along with Paul Goldschmidt and old friend Anthony Rizzo as one of the last three men standing at first base. If Myers wins, he'll become just the eleventh player to win at least one Gold Glove Award with the Padres. This seemed like a good time to dust off an old quiz; I made this one three years ago, but it didn't need updated seeing as how no Friar has won the award since 2012.

A number of the players won multiple times, but I thought including the years would make the answers way too obvious. Even without hints, the list is a lot of obvious names; there's no one who jumps out as particularly surprising. I guess that in itself was a hint so okay, whatever, that's your only one. As usual, only last names are needed.

There's a poll below the quiz in which to enter your score when you're done. As always, please use the spoiler bar feature over any relevant names in your comments.