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TFHS: Colorway Update

A recent uniform leak may lead to an answer for the 2017 Padres colorway.

A recent leak of what could be the 2017 Batting Practice tops provides an interesting lead to the possible colorway for our Padres next season.

My thanks to Andrew for leading us to this tidbit:

Following the link leads to our friends at and this picture of what Andrew describes as a preview of the batting practice tops for 2017.

Check out that Padres top...

Of particular interest is the top displayed for our Padres; it’s navy and yellow. More interestingly, it’s very similar to the Padres Member jerseys given to season ticket members last season. The story here, however, is definitely in the colors; by all appearances, the navy/yellow could be here to stay in 2017.

The picture also shows how the Padres contrast to our color doppelgangers, the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers don their retro colors during Spring Training/BP and as such utilize a brighter shade of blue when compared to our Padres navy (the 2016 Brewers Sunday Alternate is more similar to our colorway). Our colorway cousins in the Tampa Bay Rays also seem to be emphasizing the powder blue, which is a solid choice.

I for one am glad to see the navy/yellow/white colorway looks to be sticking around for another season. What do you think of this development?