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Quiz: Padres with 7 RBI in a game

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

At the tail-end of this past season, in just his fourth major league start, Hunter Renfroe became the tenth player in Padres history to drive in seven runs in a game. Coincidentally he was the third out of the last four to do it on September 27, but that's neither here nor there for the purposes of this quiz. What you're tasked with is identifying the nine guys who did so before him.

You have two minutes to type in their last names, including your free answer of Renfroe. That's R-E-N-F-R-O-E; Hunter Renfrow is a completely different guy who plays wide receiver for Clemson. As a clue I have provided the date each player did it, although just the year probably would have sufficed. I also listed how many home runs and RBI each player had in his game; in each case save for the first it's a combination of one or two and seven or eight.

As always, there's a poll in which to log your score - for science! - and a comments section in which to discuss your answers. Just be sure to use the spoiler bar feature over any relevant names, just in case someone who hasn't taken the quiz yet accidentally clicks straight through to the comments. It happens.