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Quiz: Padres starters with an ERA under 3.00 in a season

Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

In order to qualify for the ERA title, a pitcher must throw at least one inning for each team game played. Ordinarily this works out to 162 innings, but there have been exceptions such as 1981, '94, and '95. 1994 is especially notable because that's the year unknown swingman Steve Ontiveros claimed the AL ERA crown with a mark of 2.65 in 115.1 innings spread over 13 starts and 14 relief appearances. Of course that tangent has nothing to do with today's quiz, which is not about Oakland A's pitchers or even ERA champions. It's about Padres pitchers who hit the innings threshold and finished the season with an ERA under 3.00.

Over the Padres' 48 seasons as a major league club, they've had 65 starters combine for 136 qualifying seasons. Of those 65, exactly one-fifth -13 - have had an ERA below .300 at least once; it has been done 19 times total. You have three minutes to name as many of the 13 as you can; to help, I have organized them in chronological order as well as listing the season or seasons in which they did it.

Once you're done, there's a poll in which to log your score, and a comments section in which to discuss the ones you got, the ones you missed, how badly I need a haircut, or whatever. Just steer clear of politics and religion, and be sure to use spoiler bars over relevant names.