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Padres Holiday Wonderland won’t happen this year

Holiday Winter Wonderland Petco Park

The Padres hosted their first Holiday Wonderland at Petco Park in December of 2014. Bobby C. and I found it to be a great success. So much so that I went twice that year. In 2015 I skipped due to reports of long lines and muddy fields.

This year the event has been canceled or more accurately been placed on hiatus, so that the team can prepare for their second World Baseball Classic, which is coming to Petco Park in March. You’d think they could do both if they really wanted to, but I don’t know anything about it.

The website PetcoParkInsider, which I’m not sure has any real affiliation with Petco Park, said that the event was still happening and that tickets might even be free this year too. While that might have been nice the crowds are what really kill the experience.

The good news is that the park will still be decorating the Park at the Park which has an entrance fee of free.

No word yet on whether the Holiday Wonderland will return next year, though Wilson said the team hopes it will eventually return.

Either way, the Padres have already given us a great early Christmas gift.