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Quiz: 2010 Padres roster

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It seems that yesterday's quiz about the Padres' 1991 roster was exceedingly challenging, so this time around I chose a season that was both more memorable and recent. It stands to reason that people would recall more players from a team that was in the postseason hunt until the final day of the season just six years ago than they would from a third-place squad of a quarter-century ago, so here goes.

An even 40 players suited up for the Friars in 2010, eight fewer than in 1991, so I shaved a minute off the clock, keeping the ratio of eight answers per minute intact. You only need to type their last names, which have been arranged in alphabetical order. As clues I have provided each player's position(s). My best advice is to type in all the ones you know off the top of your head as quickly as possible, then use the ranges between their last names as context to help fill in the gaps.

As always, there's a poll and a comments section. Use them both, but please be sure to spoiler-proof names of answers in your comments.