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Mike Dee out as Padres President and CEO

After 3 and half years at the helm of the Padres organization, Mike Dee is no longer in charge.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In an official statement today, it was stated that “San Diego Padres Executive Chairmen and Ron Fowler and Managing Partner Peter Seidler today announced the departure of Padres President and Chief Executive Officer Mike Dee.” A one sentence announcement that the team no longer has a President and CEO. The move may come as a surprise to many, but at the same time it was not one that is especially shocking given Dee’s rather public problems running the San Diego Club.

Back in June, jbox argued that Even Mike Dee would fire Mike Dee and last year around this time, there was a solid Fan Post from kevintheoman Recapping the Padres off-field blunders made by Mike Dee. Both of these were out well before the very public suspension of the Padres GM A.J. Preller for implementing a procedure of hiding medical information that many would assume wasn’t an idea that he came up with on his own. jbox went in depth on that discussion as to whether someone should be fired for that mishap. Dee was, of course, included in that discussion.