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Quiz: 1991 Padres roster

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The Padres' 1991 season is memorable for at least one reason. That year's 84-78 third place team was the first in the major league iteration of the franchise's 23-year history to not wear brown. But how many of the guys who wore blue pinstripes that year can you recall?

48 different players held a spot on that year's roster, ranging from one guy who pitched in one game, up to one who held down first base 153 games. There are six minutes on the clock, which works out to eight answers per minute, or seven and a half seconds per answer. Seven and a half seconds is more than enough time to type in any last name, which is my way of telling you that you don't need to type their first names. Each player's position is listed, and names are arranged alphabetically, so use this as an aide after you type in all the ones you know automatically.

As always, there is a poll below in which to log your score. Also, please remember to use the spoiler bar feature over names in your comments.