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Quiz: Padres who hit .300 in a season

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

There have been 19 Padres players who have hit .300 in a season in which they had the requisite amount of plate appearances to qualify for the batting title. That's quite an appropriate number, considering the most notable of them is number 19 himself, Mr. Padre, Tony Gwynn. I don't consider that a spoiler, because if you didn't know that Tony Gwynn hit .300, you weren't going to get any of the other 18 names.

You have four minutes to type in Tony's last name and those of as many of the other 18 guys you can recall. As a hint, I've provided the year or years in which each player hit .300 in a qualifying season, as well as arranging them in chronological order. Once you've gotten them all or your time runs out, whichever comes first, log your results in the poll below and when commenting please be sure to use the spoiler bar feature to cover any relevant names.