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Quiz: Padres catchers

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

I first made this quiz three years and three days ago, and since then the Padres have employed six more catchers, so it seemed like time to refresh it. In their 48 seasons, the Padres have used 90 different players behind the plate for at least one game. You have ten minutes to name as many as you can recall - or just type in random last names and hope that some hit; I'm not here to tell you how to live your life.

As is the case with most quizzes here, last names are all that are required. If you're unsure how to spell one, just give it your best try; I've written in possible misspellings for some of the trickier names, so you'll be credited if you come close. Once your ten minutes are up, log your score in the poll below, and please be mindful to use the spoiler bar feature in your comments to cover up relevant names.